Online Services Consent


Browns Plains State High School prides itself on providing a modern education that uses the latest technologies to support our student's learning in and out of the classroom.

To achieve this, Browns Plains State High School partners with companies from around Australia and the world to give our students access to world-class educational products and services.

The use of web-based educational resources has risen steadily over the last decade and are increasingly being used by teachers across Queensland to improve student learning outcomes. 

Our school and teachers make decisions about the best technology to meet the needs of our students.  Sometimes it is beneficial for students to utilise services provided by third party web based providers. 

Browns Plains State High School utilises the third party web based service providers listed below to aid students learning. For your student to use the services the teacher will need to register them as a user. Registering with these providers requires student personal information to be disclosed to the provider of the service. In the case of the services outlined below they are private companies that are hosted onshore in Australia and outside of Australia. Outside of Australia means that data that is entered to register for these sites will be stored on servers that are not based in Australia and therefore are not bound by Queensland's privacy laws.

Registration may include disclosing the following information about your student:

  • Student Name
  • Student ID
  • Age
  • Year group
  • Class Teacher
  • Student email

We need your permission for the registration and use of these sites by your student. 

Note: It is not compulsory for you to provide this consent – If you decide not to provide consent, this will not adversely affect academic achievement, or any relationships with teachers or the school. 

However, without a signed permission form, your child will not be able to participate in learning experiences that use the indicated web resources.

Before you complete a consent form it is important that you understand the reasons these websites collect this information, what will be done with it, who else may have access to it and where the data is stored. This information can be found in the hyperlinks below referring to each website's terms and conditions and/or privacy policy.

Please read these and ensure that you understand the implications of using this service before giving your consent.

Steps to complete the digital Online Services consent form are coming for 2021.

Last reviewed 01 December 2020
Last updated 01 December 2020