Principal’s welcome


​​Welcome to our collaborative school community. At Browns Plains SHS we believe in optimising wellbeing and learning whilst driving the constant pursuit of academic excellence  by providing a safe, supportive, inclusive and respectful teaching and learning environment for all of its members.

Our school's purpose is to inspire all students to reach their full potential, so they will develop into 21st Century learners and community orientated young people. We encourage students to fully realise and then invest in their passions and ensure they succeed through a smooth transition into their preferred careers. In short, our aim is for all students to become the best versions of themselves in both their learning and personal conduct.

To achieve our purpose and allow our students to optimise talents and skills, we have three key overarching strategic priorities that we embrace and embed in our systems and practices:

  • We are all focussed on learning and development
  • We are all building a positive and professional learning culture
  • We are all developing a stronger community through partnership

Our school culture is driven by our motto "Diligence and Integrity" which compels all students and staff to do their best in all school endeavours. We encourage students to meet challenges through hard work, determination and resilience with Diligence. Students are taught to demonstrate Integrity in their actions through the honourable qualities of being honest, trustworthy, fair, sincere and decent human beings.

Our programs are delivered by a highly committed and talented team of teachers and support personnel who work collaboratively with students, parents and the broader community. Learning at Browns Plains State High School is paramount and structured under our Four Pillars - Academic, Cultural, Sport and Community that provide our students with additional curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities. Our Four Pillars create a sense of belonging and enable students to develop, flourish and be recognised for their individual talents.

There is something tailored for every student within our wide range of curriculum opportunities: our Academic Program of Excellence; rigorous certificate courses; exciting school based apprenticeships and traineeships and our supportive Learning Centre program. In addition, we have implemented a range of signature research-based programs specifically designed to support student ownership of their learning, wellbeing and engagement. These programs include our:

  • Attitude to Learning (ATL) Framework,
  • Gradual Release of Responsibility (GRR) Pedagogical Framework.
  • Follow Your Passion (FYP) courses

Browns Plains State High School takes great pride in our reputation as being a respected leader of learning and continues to resonate as a very high performing school that consistently upholds high expectations and positive values across an aligned school community of families, students and staff. 

Ben Ward​​
Last reviewed 15 November 2021
Last updated 15 November 2021