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Our staff

​We have over 120 staff, volunteers, contractors and community support 
representatives providing quality education and care in a clean, safe and supportive environment.

We employ more than 80 teachers who deliver a great range of learning programs across a wide variety of subject areas from Year 7 to 12.

Our support services include: career/personal guidance, school nurse, science officers, teacher aides, janitorial and grounds staff, cleaners and office staff.

Blair Hanna

Business Services Manager
Julie Jackson

Deputy Principals
Jenny McCarty                   Year 8
Peter Agapow                    Year 9
David Dalton                     Year 10-12
Terri Leigh                        ​ Professional Learning       

Dean of Students
Megan Armbruster Year 8 and 9
Arthur Cowell         Year 10, 11 and 12

Heads of Department
Kirsty Carey Humanities/Languages/Business
Catherine Cole         Senior Schooling
Tomasz Dolecki         Maths
Leticia Dwyer         English
Andrew McDowell Applied Technology
Alex Rados HPE
Dan Klaer  (Acting)  Science
Junior Secondary/Year 7 Selena Roberts
Vicki Schafer Arts
Lyndsey Sharp (Acting)       Learning Centre

Student Support
Helen Hennegan Guidance Officer
Alberto Sanchez         Guidance Officer
Nicola Taylor School Based Youth Health Nurse
Tony Nguyen         Youth Support Coordinator​