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Mission and values

​Our vision​

Our vision is to offer a balanced, yet dynamic and future focussed curriculum to harness the enormous potential of all students. We are focussed on continuously building the quality of teaching to impact on the learning experience and outcomes for our students.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to inspire all students to reach their full potential, so they will develop into 21st Century learners and community orientated young people willing to invest in their passions and drive them to succeed in their preferred careers.

Our values

We value the development of:

  • Foundational skills – Literacy and Numeracy is fundamental to student achievement
  • Being Respectful – All members of the school are treated with respect, care and compassion
  • Being Responsible – Developing in students and staff a strong sense of personal accountability, initiative and commitment to our school
  • 21st Century Learners – Students learn most effectively when learning is challenging, engaging and explicit. 
  • Excellence – Offering opportunities to challenge our most highly capable students to achieve personal excellence
  • Inclusion – Enabling access to a quality curriculum for all students
  • Partnerships – Parents, community, business, government organisations and university as key partners to our school
  • Personal Growth – Maximising the potential of every student to succeed and excel

Student responsible and respectful plan

Our students will be:

Responsible for following directions without debate by:

  • Listening and completing tasks as directed the first time.
  • Bringing required learning tools to school and leaving prohibited items at home.
  • Helping create a disruption free positive learning environment by following classroom procedures.
  • Acting in a safe manner at all time.

Responsible for your behaviour and being the best you can be by:

  • Participating in learning activities.
  • Being in the right place at the right time.
  • Arriving prepared to learn with the correct equipment.
  • Submitting homework and assessment on time.
  • Wearing the school uniform with pride and following the Dress Code and WHS requirements. 

Respectful of yourself and others by:

  • Resolving conflict in a peaceful manner.
  • Refraining from all verbal and physical violence.
  • Using appropriate language and manners.
  • Keeping all personal electronic devices (PED) turned off and out of sight.
  • Refraining from using PEDs to take unauthorised images, or recordings and share any acts of assault or harassment.

Respectful of the school environment by:

  • Keeping school grounds and building clean and tidy using the bins provided.
  • Reporting unauthorised visitors.
  • Taking care of school property and reporting damage to a staff member.